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Fraud Detection Services


We are a dedicated team of analysts who remove fraudulent flight reservations, using effective fraud prevention procedures developed from within the airline industry.  Our main goals are to stop fraudsters before boarding and eliminate chargebacks.

Fraudulent reservations waste your valuable time and hard earned money. It adds frustration and may compromise your brand. Our clients are happy because we reduce chargebacks to a minimum and handle everything from analysis to cancellation. The number of fraud attempts also drop dramatically when an airline implement our service. We like to think that we transfer your frustration to the fraudsters.

Would you let a machine babysit your children?
To analyze complex fraud patterns, often with subtle clues and changes, we believe that human analysis is superior to computers. We do not rely on fraud scores or risk percentages. Our computers do the boring work; simple repetitive tasks like collecting, comparing and filtering data. This way, our analysts can use their time and skill on the hard stuff. It's very effective, and it's more fun.

Small team, big assistant
All the analysts in our small team are also developers. We have built our own system, lovingly named Fraud Detection Assistant (FDA). It is built to grow smarter with every reservation we investigate, helping us make better decisions. We see the power of in house developers and self built system every day, as there's a short path from idea to development. Our informal weekly team meetings always log ideas for system upgrades and we are constantly implementing changes that make us work faster and better.

How to tell a real stone from a phony one
After filtering out recognizable genuine transactions and cancelling the obvious fraudulent reservations, we give the difficult ones a thorough investigation. We know that reservations that look genuine may be fraud, and that some genuine transactions don't follow the regular patterns. Further investigation will often reveal the true nature of the reservation and greatly reduces the chance of errors.

Persistence beats brilliance (and we're brilliant too)
Fraudsters are constantly trying. If they don't succeed, they will try again. A different flight, a different airline; small changes and different approaches will eventually get them there. They know this, and so do we. That's why we never quit. We monitor reservations every hour, every day. With offices in Norway, USA and Thailand we're awake and alert around the clock. Someone may slip through our system once, but not twice. We're also constantly looking for trends and emerging patterns. We want to spot them early and come down hard.

Manual fraud protection that feels like autopilot
We read every flight reservations booked on our clients' websites and check them against fraud patterns, known fraudsters and a lot of other parameters. When we find fraudulent reservations, we cancel and queue them for refund. The process is transparent to our clients, who can monitor our activity through a client portal.

We are passionate about flying too
Widerøe Internet AS is owned by Widerøe Airline. Our fraud prevention methods were developed and tuned over 10 years of online sales and online sales support on www.wideroe.no, reducing fraudulent reservations to a minimum and almost eliminating chargebacks. In 2008 we started offering Fraud Detection Services to airlines and online travel agents. Welcome aboard.

Chargeback reduction
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